The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours
  A young man by name Jackson, had the privilege to go to school and study towards achieving his dreams to become a medical doctor and useful citizen in his community, who will give free medical treatment to his people.
 In school, he was confronted with different faces of persons and his dreams got stocked as he worked through a partway of indecision, often finding himself amongst smokers, fighters and fornicators. Due to the influence of these peoples, he finally decided to join them, abandoning his dream pursuit.
 After his years in school were due, he discovered that he had nothing to show for being in school than his addiction to hard drugs and sexual immorality.
 Jackson as a result of his decision, dropped out of school because he couldn't continue, since he became a terror to the school. Being dragged by the police officers and beaten up, was never a joyous experience to him, but disgrace, shame and pain. Therefore, he parted from his friends, but couldn't stop himself from all the mess he got into.

 One day, he met another young man by name 'Joseph'. Joseph was an individual who at his present young age, imparted his environment with positive knowledge, from an experienced life. Joseph in his conversation with Jackson, told him, " Life is like time, it keeps moving till its season ceases, what matters is what you do while it moves. Perhaps the past wasn't bright, the present is a chance to make a change, but the choice is yours, you decide where you want to be, what you want to be, but don't forget that time does what for you, even so life itself. Therefore, be on board and decide on time. Like I said, the choice is yours."

 These words of Joseph, replayed throughout Paul's mind over days, until he took it upon himself to refrain from evil and go back to school. Well, it wasn't easy for him but he finally made it through school and came out amongst the best, with the saying that the choice he made, shaped his part and shamed his back. Since then, he took it upon himself to acknowledge people about the right decision to make and eschewing evil as the best choice.

 Deuteronomy 30:19
 "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live."

 God has given you the will power to choose between life and death, blessing and cursing, beloved, the choice is yours. What you are today, is the product of the choice you made. Invade, discovery entails that you made the wrong choice, life requires that you consider on time and make a U-turn. Take the above story as a thought and pattern of consideration.
 NOTE: Whatever choice you make will either make or Mar your future.
Therefore, make the right choice, make a good future.

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