Please Answer Your Call!

 "Hello! Hello!! Hello!!!” You have a call, please pick the call.

“Oh! I missed it, who was it?”

It was Jesus, He said;

“Matthew 11:28
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Wow, Jesus is calling you to come to Him. Do you know what? He is interested in your happiness and rest from your sorrows and weakness. His call is to offer you rest on every side, which means that He wants to give you full assistance while you rest.

Believe me, this call is a golden opportunity and you must not ignore it. Please answer your call, Jesus is calling.

Are you tired of that situation, that burden, that problem, that usual circumstance you find yourself in that is so unpleasant? Jesus See’s you and desires to help you find rest, He has it and wants to give it to you freely. So He is calling you to come to Him, please don’t ignore His call.

Lord Jesus, I have heard your call and I have decided to accept this call. Help me to find rest in you, from all my problems and peace on every side. Thank you for calling me and giving me this opportunity to find rest in you.

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