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 It's been awhile since I showed up on this site. Well, it has been a moment full of distraction, disappointments, rejections and depressions. Are you wondering why it's all negative actions I'm listing here? Wasn't there any positive encounter during these times? Certainly, there were, even many of them. The sum of it is that, in the midst of all the depressions, God kept impressing me. Therefore, I kept pressing on, even in my depressions.

I'm here today because God kept me.
His mercies saw and sees me through.
His love bids me to stay.
His grace saves me daily.
He did it all, because of love.

Please join me to celebrate yourself, because God kept you this far. Wow, chewers to you and glory to God.
I'm happy to write to you today, God bless you and welcome back to my blog. 
--Joseph Bassey

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