Discover Man’s Major Duties

 Firstly, I want to thank God for taking us this far in life. You may not understand why your life is precious in the eyes of God, until you discover who you are and what is expected of you.

 You are God’s creature, created in His image and after His likeness.

 You are the commander and manager of all other creatures.

 You are an endowment of great authority and royalty.

 You are the ambassador and acting owner of all that God has created on the earth.

 The knowledge of who you are in God who created you, will expose you to the knowledge of what is expected of you.

 Since you are endowed with greatness, you are required to pass a great test; for you to be the greatest in your time.

 At this point, by God’s grace I want to share with us ‘the two major duties of man.’

  What Is Duty?
 Duty is a responsibility, a responsibility is a requirement. For you to do your duty/ responsibility, you must be responsible. No irresponsible man can perform his duties and no one will accept to be irresponsible. My question is, “Is everyone taking responsibilities?

  Man’s Duty
“Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

 This sovereign scripture is a conclusion of all that everyone is required to do. Whether you are a religious man, a politician, a business man, a professor or whatever title you attain, you are still a man to God and you are required to Fear God and keep His Commandments. These are the two major duties of man and these two cannot do without each other, that’s why the scripture states it as, “the whole duty of man.”

 The word ‘whole’ is the sum of all that is required from man. All that is required from you and I, is to fear God and keep His Commandments. This commandments is the commandments of Love and it takes only those who Fear God, to keep His Commandments.

NOTE: It is our responsibility/duty to keep God’s commandments, because He hands it to us and we are responsible for it. Failure to keep God’s commandments of love will result in a great punishment of lost.

 Love profits, hatred produce lost.

 Be a lover and not the Cain of your generation.

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