Positive Thinking


 Your mind is your mining source. Your life is the product of your mind produce.

Proverbs 23:7
“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…..”

 I subdivide the mind into two (Mindset and mindscene). The mindset is the thought while the mindscene is the scene where you think. The display in your mind is like a movie, featuring the scene and the set.

 Your thought is an influencer of your daily living. One that thinks he is poor end up remaining poor, but one that is of positive thoughts always get a positive result in life no matter the time value spent.

 You are what you think, and want you think is who you are. If many had known, perhaps they would have improved at least in their thoughts.

 Whatever you realize in reality is the product of what you allowed into your mind. Take note that life is a battle and the greatest battles of life are won or lost in the mind (mindscene) and the weapons used is the thought. What you allow into your mind can make or Mar you.

 One of the most sensitive part of man is the mind, it has influence on the whole body. Have you wondered why just thinking about sexual immoral cause ejaculation? That’s the power of the mind.

 Positive Thinking
This is a verb heading that requires an action in motion. The negative situations in the society is as a result of the negative thoughts of the people. The growth of the society is determined by the thought of the people and positive thinking is a recommended method or strategy for restructuring and reorganizing the society.

Positive Thinking says, “I must succeed” while negative says, “I can’t make it.” You most be positive minded to experience positive change in life.

Think positive, act positive, don’t forget that, ” As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”


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