Unity In The Union

 A current report entails that, “Students of a particular school are fighting themselves. The fight involves the use of arms and so far a student has been stabbed.”

 That was a recent happening in my recent ignorance and as at now, the school seem to be in an uncomfortable and unconducive condition. Imagine, how do you expect students to learn in an unconducive environment? Where fear had grasped many students especially the innocent ones, it becames a factor affecting teaching and learning in the school.

 My message right now is on Unity. The reason why I had to bring in this story is because of the state of it’s occurrence, where students had to fight amongst themselves.

 As far as I’m concerned, no student has the right to cause havoc in another school, then come to talk of his or her school. This is happening globally and needs to be curbed, because many students are not comfortable with it as well as it affects conducive teaching and learning.

 This occurrence often takes place in the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. The peoples involved are the ones who join to make up the society, so what do you think the society would look like?

 You may be murmuring why I am making mention of students, but don’t forget that your children are or passed through the school. Which means that they are or were students and their lives in school still influence most of them.

 The school is a union, meant to build the society with what it makes. What the school makes is you and I to be good citizens of the society, but in a situation where the school becomes a center of negativity, what do you expect the society to be?

 Most youths are into cultism and babaric activities which are harmful to the society, meanwhile they are the future leaders of the society and the future starts now. So what do you think they have to offer? Would they build or destroy even what others have built?

 This message is coming to you so that if you are found guilty in anyway, expectation says, “make a u-turn.” Think twice and eschew from those negative activities you have involved your self into.

 Every community, society, family or association is a union.

Unity is simply oneness. Oneness as the word implies is one, together and as a whole.

Unity in the Union is a state whereby peoples in a particular community, state, organization or society etc, live as one, together and as a whole. The scripture says;

Psalms 133:1
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

This means that living together in unity is a pleasant thing. Why then do people prefer unpleasantry to pleasantry?

For peace to reign they must be unity and for unity to be achieved, we must agree because two cannot walk together except they agree.

Ephesians 4:3
Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

 In conclusion I will say that everyone has the responsibility to watch out for each other’s safety and well-being, as to promote and sustain peace and harmony.

 Don’t forget that your major role as a member of your union is to make sure that peace reigns and so you need to unite in agreement to the right and positive things.

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