Why Did He Weep?

John 11:35
"Jesus wept."

 Regarding the story of Jesus weeping, have you ever wondered why He wept?

 Well, it’s has been an amazing thing that a great, miraculous man like Jesus had to weep over the death of Lazarus. The significant point or reason is that He loved Lazarus.

 The death of a friend is one of the most painful death, especially when the friend is so dear to you. The value of His friendship resulted in the act of emotions, which means that he was emotional and in bond relationship with lazarus; even though He was able to raise him back to life, His feelings displayed.

I believe you wouldn’t want to see your beloved die, if such happens you certainly will weep over it. Weeping is mostly found in areas where there is death, which means that weeping is a major sign for death.

In the world today, people die on a daily basis. Do you know that we even have dead living beings? These are peoples whose futures and destinies have been marked null and void.

 The essence of this article is to inform everyone that a life without Christ is full of crisis and one without Christ is void of life. Jesus Christ is the one who died for the salvation of man and rose to redeem man and give life and light to the world.

 The colossal death in the world indicates that this world needs Jesus. We cannot do without Him, if you think you are good, you should rethink again. One without Christ, though with millions, is nothing. You need Jesus to save you from the penalty of sin and give you eternal life. That’s what everyone needs.

The moment we refuse Him, weeping continues.

NOTE: Weeping is the sign of affection (love) for a lost one (dead). Even Jesus still weeps for the over the death of those who reject Him, please don’t reject Him but accept Him. He loves you!


  1. We need to repent so that we and e not spiritually dead .Earthly desires make people to perish


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